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Marunada - Lovran


The Marunada Festival is the traditional food festival dedicated to the special type of sweet chestnut that thrives only on the slopes of Mount Učka, and which is known locally as “marun” (hence the name of the event).

Viennese Ball in Opatija

Viennese Ball

The City of Opatija organizes, in cooperation with the City of Vienna, for the 12th time the "VIENNESE BALL" in Opatija. Experience the excitement of a glittering Viennese ball in Opatija

Cherry Days, Lovran

Cherry Days

During the Cherry Festival, cherry deserts and meals featuring cherries can be tried in many cafes and restaurants in Lovran

Asparagus Festival

Asparagus Festival

Ideal for all asparagus lovers, the festival in Lovran, which takes place from 1st to 30th of April 2019, offers a variety of dishes made of a wild asparagus which you can taste in most of the restaurants during this time along with entertaining music program